Monday, July 6, 2009

To My Acting Friends

Wow! What a ride. If it weren't for my healing work, I'd be going bonkers. First, I'm offered the lead in a TV movie of the week but "I have to take scale because they paid the other stars more money." I declined and passed. Then the big movie that was "sure to go" that I had been booked to do for 3 months lost its financing. I'm sharing these personal stories to let you know you're not alone. Even Brad Pitt's movie got cancelled! But! - it directs us to stay focused on what we want: for the economy to be strong so we can celebrate our creativity exponentially! Keep focused on what you want. I have a lot of things in the fire but I want to point out something important for you to know: BE SURE YOU TAKE YOUR ESSENCE AND BEINGNESS INTO YOUR ACTING! The business can shift your focus to it being "a job", and lose the creative essence that is the core of acting. Remember the joy of sharing your heart that made you want to act in the first place. Celebrate yourself and your gift. Ultimately, you stay in joy and create what you want.


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