Monday, September 29, 2008

Wow! If you ever wanted to know how my healing work helps crate my career, these past two months is proof positive!

I have had the time of my life playing several delicious parts in five different projects in two months, worked with some amazingly talented people and traveled to beautiful places. I've made money and practiced my craft -- and all during a time when strikes and the economy seem to "keep a lot of people not working." Very blessed, indeed.

My new agency, Venture IAB, is getting me "out" more than ever on roles that I am really right for. Everything is simply -- great.

I am tremendously busy in October at Sci-Fi conventions. So, please check the listing of appearances on the acting page. For those of you in LA, I am planning on being at the Pasadena show in October.

As far as insights into acting -- 1. don't judge -- people or material. You stop the flow of energy and consciousness available to you. 2. HAVE FUN! If you have fun, it permeates the room. And then they have fun watching you. 3. Breathe. Deep breaths before you audition help ground you and again, open the channel. 4. Finally, tell your ego to take a walk. It will want to control everything. Control and creativity are opposite energy.

Lots of exciting things in the works, but can't share them yet! Hopefully, next time I will have some GREAT news to share.

Blessings, Dee