Saturday, May 9, 2009

To My Acting Friends

I have to mix it up a little this month. I simply have to bring in some of the healing work to share a huge acting message.

I was scheduled to do a wonderful cameo in the new Harrison Ford/Brendan Fraiser picture. It had a beautiful arc and some nice emotional touches. I was stoked.

The night before I was to leave, I got the rewrites. They had cut the part to two lines. I went in to the reaction from hell, called my reps, and hoped I could save myself the humiliation of 2 lines after 35 years in the business.

I didn't. I decided to go. And here is why. After doing our work with my healing partners, I realized the great lesson that was being given to me: A person is not defined by what they do!
Now I knew this intellectually. I knew this about everyone else. You have heard me speak about how the very existence of my brother and daughter on this plane makes my life worthwhile. But I didn't "know" it about ME in the context of the world: that my essence here is what is valuable, not what I "do."

After we balanced all the energy around that, I realize that I have been holding on to my very big house because it was a definition of me being "ok" and "safe." Do I have to sell? No. Could I sell now and live a fuller life without all the overhead? Yes.

But the basic energy shift is this: when you define your work, instead of thinking it defines you, I guarantee things will begin to open up. Let go of the pressure. LET GO. Be the star before the gig. The Universe must respond. I suggest you read the healing blog also. They coincide.

Blessings, Dee

To My Healing Friends

We are on the fast track and can't get off! And it's all good...

First of all, give up your resistance and expand into the bigger you that you've been asking for. I'm going to share a huge belief we uncovered that most spiritual people share: We have to remain small to SERVE. We have to remain small to BE served by Source.

If you go back to most of our religious training, you will see where those ideas spread like a virus and infected us with the sickness of remaining small, i.e. not manifesting what we have been trying to manifest. After all, if we had everything, our souls might be tainted (as in the filthy rich), and why would we need a connection with Source then, anyway?

The answer is simple: We are Source as the representation of "us." When we disconnect from Source, we disconnect from ourselves. If that is true, then our direction of the I AM has been limited. We have simply disconnected from our own consciousness!

Love yourself enough to be as wealthy, healthy, loved and loving as you can be. BE THE DEMONSTRATION that spiritually powerful people ARE - creators based in love. As Nelson Mandella said..."Who are you to keep yourself small?" Give others the right to expand into greatness by being the example of joy, love and success. I suggest you read the acting blog also. They coincide.

Blessings, Dee