Friday, July 4, 2008

For My Acting Friends

This month I did the unthinkable: I took a project that none of my reps wanted me to do.

It was a script that was left at Steve Eastin's studio (where I study) and also sent to my manager.

The query letter stated that there was no pay, SAG deferred, nobody had many major credits, but they'd love me to play this certain female role.

"We should pass," I was told. And if fate hadn't intervened we might have.

But I was getting on the plane the next day and didn't have anything to read. What the heck. I'll take the script.

Well, I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS SCRIPT! It is one of the best scripts I've read in years. And then I met the people and fell in love with them. My co-star - FABULOUS!

I am having the time of my life and remember why I became an actor in the first place: the high!

So, I share this with you to encourage you to keep a balance in your career. Do some for the money, some for the material, and some for the fun. You never know when you'll strike gold! BTW - It's called Fuzz Track City. Look for it on the web!!