Monday, November 3, 2008

To My Acting Friends

It has been a ride! If you ever think the business gets easier the longer you're in it - think again! It always tests you, keeps you growing, keeps you questioning yourself.

I left my very big, heavyweight agency to go with an agent I had become friends with and whom I really trusted. Within weeks he left to become a manager, leaving me a relatively free agent. Not a great scenario.

Instead of going into the unfairness and becoming the victim, I chose to accept this as a perfect unfolding of what I had been directing my career to be: Film. I realized I kept SAYING I wanted to be a major film actress (again) while I was holding the beliefs it "probably wasn't going to happen." I was doing the very subconscious sabotage I know so well how to get others out of!

So, of course, I kept getting those sentiments mirrored back to me. When I realized it, I claimed it to all my reps. Well, when you come forward like that, the Universe has to deliver. Even if you have to go through what appears to be a mess to get to the right place.

I just signed with Amsel, Eisenstadt and Frazier - a very well respected, older firm whom I've known since my arrival in L.A. But ultimately, I know it is about me and my knowing (see healing blog for more info!).

In the meantime, I am promoting my book, Conscious Creation (available on, my Criminal Minds episode is on November 12th on CBS. I am in negotiations for a move I love, and anxiously awaiting my favorite time - Christmas.

Just remember, your working in the biz is mostly about you. Take your creative, passionate joy into everything you do. Connect ALL the WAY. The Universe - and the business - has to respond!


P.S. I'm adding an additional on-line class: How to Audition. Enjoy!