Saturday, September 4, 2010

Staying In Your Power

To My Acting Friends -

Well, it's been a ride. I have been on "hold" or "pinned" or called back for a plethora of projects that I haven't booked. And I know a lot of you can relate. So let me tell you what I've discovered about this love little process.

Tracking back about 3 months, I had a string of fabulous auditions (she say humbly). Seriously, I rocked them all. After almost 40 years in the "biz", you know when you nail something! So I did. And I didn't book. Subconsciously, I put up my middle finger, flashed it at the business, and said to myself, "OK, I guess I need to do something DIFFERENT."

Now, I had gotten amazing feedback, but I still decided to change what I knew and DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

This took me out of my power, because it wasn't what I had always "done" when I am always"great".

That decision brought a couple of months where I just simply didn't show up. I wasn't in my power. I wasn't in my joy. I was "trying to get booked" instead of living my passion.

So, like life, find your creative process and STICK WITH IT!! Once you KNOW, stay there! Ultimately the world must respond. Keep in your joy and serve yourself. And never, ever loose your passion.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

To My Acting Friends

I've just returned from judging the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival in Brussels. What an amazing experience! Not only did we view ten interesting, unique, and creative films, we met filmakers and fans from all over the world. We were wined and dined at the best restaurants and taken care of by fabulous, loving, caring Belgium friends.

What struck me the most was how all these films, whether horror, suspense, comedy, thriller - made commentary on the state of man and his loss, search and questioning of his soul. I especially loved the movie "INK" and its statement of choice and choosing. Find it if you can! So many performances touched me - even those with language I couldn't understand. It truly is astonishing how the soul and commitment of an actor surpasses any boundary to reach and affect the viewer. It is for this very reason that I believe CGI can never replace a live actor: the soul.

So I am returning to America with renewed determination to bring my best to the two films I am doing, and the series that I fervently hope is successful. Watching other actors from across the world affect me has reignited that passion to move people truthfully, and I can feel that familiar creative pull to create.

Whatever it takes - however you get there - keep reigniting your passion to share your truth of creativity with others: no matter the size or scope of the endeavor, be your own reason to allow that truth to be born. Move people with it. Move yourself with it. Go create!

Blessings, Dee

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

For My Acting Friends

I've been on Christmas break as most of the business has been. Everything is just starting anew.

This should be an interesting year. There is much in place already to "be revealed." I'm in negotiations for a major film, and awaiting the fate of two series to see if I get to play for an extended time. Like most "New Years", there is much speculation, hope and unknowingness of outcomes.

And yet I know that my knowingness within is all that really matters. I must know and be in the experience that all is well, handled, abundant and successful. I must know this so the world can mirror it in physical form.

I know I have these successes lined up largely due to the fact that I have found my true joy as an actor again. It's a funny thing about joy: it is infectious and draws people to you. When you are truly joyful about what you are doing, people want to see you doing it. Period.

I also learned the invaluable lesson of non-judgement. You simply cannot judge energy that you want to be at one with, i.e. I can't judge the producers, directors, and CDs that are inherent in the busiiness I want to work within. When I judge, I separate myself from them when I really want to be playing in their sandbox!

I also just decided I was going to let myself know: know that I know what I'm doing, I know how to act, I know I'm a star! It took me awhile to figure out that if I didn't know, how could I expect them to know. Weird.

So, the last couple of years I have been moving back into knowing I'm powerful and celebrating the business I'm in. And all sorts of great things have opened up.

So, I suggest you might give them a try. You've got everything to gain. Besides, you'll just feel a lot happier, more joyful and, well...powerful. Happy New Year! Go Act! Dee