Saturday, September 4, 2010

Staying In Your Power

To My Acting Friends -

Well, it's been a ride. I have been on "hold" or "pinned" or called back for a plethora of projects that I haven't booked. And I know a lot of you can relate. So let me tell you what I've discovered about this love little process.

Tracking back about 3 months, I had a string of fabulous auditions (she say humbly). Seriously, I rocked them all. After almost 40 years in the "biz", you know when you nail something! So I did. And I didn't book. Subconsciously, I put up my middle finger, flashed it at the business, and said to myself, "OK, I guess I need to do something DIFFERENT."

Now, I had gotten amazing feedback, but I still decided to change what I knew and DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

This took me out of my power, because it wasn't what I had always "done" when I am always"great".

That decision brought a couple of months where I just simply didn't show up. I wasn't in my power. I wasn't in my joy. I was "trying to get booked" instead of living my passion.

So, like life, find your creative process and STICK WITH IT!! Once you KNOW, stay there! Ultimately the world must respond. Keep in your joy and serve yourself. And never, ever loose your passion.