Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I guess the best things I can share with you are the realizations happening within my own career: first, that my careers are shifting, and second, all you can do is show up. I want us all to look at our beliefs and thoughts about acting and the business (they are two entirely different subjects, you know!). The purpose of this is to bring to our consciousness any conflicting intentions or beliefs we may be holding that are sabotaging our success. You can't JUDGE the "business" or the "jerks who won't let you audition" and expect to successfully get in a room to do that very thing! And you really, really want to want to act because if you are conflicted, you will create sabotage around what you think you want! Some examples of this look like the following: 1. I really want to act BUT I can't make enough to support my family/am too old, fat, or the wrong type. I don't have an agent. I don't know how to get started. It's a horrible time to begin blah, blah, blah. 2. I want to act and make money at it BUT stage acting is the only "real" acting. I can't get to Calif. or NY etc. Creative people should suffer or work a long time to create/earn their careers blah, blah. Okay - you get the picture. Your "Yes" has to be your 100% Yes. If there are conflicts about any subject around acting, it isn't. Even an 80% Yes has to create some sabotage. My challenge is that I am aware that my interests and careers are shifting. My healing work is taking off, and I am terribly passionate about it. My intention is to create more seminars and travel worldwide doing them, while continuing to do the private healing sessions and radio shows. I am spending more time in this arena and loving it. So there is a changing, or co-mingling of careers, happing. If I am aware of this, I can embrace both. If I am not conscious of this, I can inadvertently cancel out the acting, thinking it has to be one or the other. The second thing I want to remind you of is this: Your job is to go in and give the most truthful gift of the material possible. What you receive is the high of that experience. After that, you must let it go. I have been waiting to hear for 1-1/2 weeks about my audition for 24. They loved my read so much that "the producers were actually fighting over me." Some were for, some against. This went on for days. I share this with you so you understand that showing up totally committed in the truthfulness of the scene is ALL WE CAN DO. That's our job. After that, all kinds of circumstances evolve to create the final outcome. When our yes is 100%, and our auditions are 100%, movement will happen. Stay in your knowing of your self love and worth. They'll eventually get it! Blessings, Dee