Friday, August 1, 2008

To My Acting Friends

It has been a huge, glorious month of travel, work and weddings. I participated in my good friend's daughter's wedding in Kansas City, shot a fabulous project for a webisode called Fuzz Track City, had a personal appearance in Rosewell, New Mexico, and then participated in my neice's wedding in Pennsylvania. We are now on our way to Baja for a week of just plain fun.

When does a girl have time to work? Well, as soon as she gets back! Doing a great little comedy with Chevy Chase and Winona Ryder called Stay Cool for The Polish Brothers, then heading to Horrorfind in Washington D.C. It appears that Killing Ruth is going to happen, so I will be heading to Canada the first of September.

And there are so many things pending we hardly can keep track of them. Hopefully, the union will not decide to strike and we can all WORK. Everything is kind of on hold now. Waiting.

I hope you all liked my Saving Grace episode. I was a tiny bit disappointed in the editing as a lot of my really good moments were not actually ON camera. But very few people noticed that, and most really loved the episode. It's a good lesson for an actor to remember that you KNOW what happened on the set and how much you shot, so you miss what doesn't get on screen. It's a mixture of ego and expectation, and a fine line to walk. Ultimately, you just have to show up and do your best. And move on.

I am hoping to have many exciting things to report soon, once deals are closed. I'll keep you posted! In the meantime, keep supporting shows that employ ACTORS. We need the support! Love, Dee